Personal Protocol


It’s possible to  follow the specific  “Personal Protocol®” according to the problems and to the person, with Dr Enzo DI MAIO’s Method. Dr Enzo DI MAIO’s Method integration of the most current knowledge of Western Medicine with the Philosophy of Ayurvedic Medicine and other drugs based on naturality’ of therapies

The “Personal Protocol®” is a dossier on file written where there are all indications of what to do to raise the immune system and also includes the power to follow for 2 months (“Diet DI MAIO MD”). To get it just click on “Buy Now”

Just place your order of Personal Protocol® you receive by e-mail is the Preliminar Test® both the Costitution Test®. These tests are to be printed and completed. 3/5 working days after receiving the dossier of the Personal Protocol®, PDF file, that contains:

  • Detoxification
  • Diet DI MAIO
  • Prescription of the products to be used
  • Lifestyle
  • Tables of Control Daily
  • Personalised Assistance for all duration of treatment, from doctor
Personal Protocol

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It is carried out, following the directions, at home, in a time of one / three days, depending on the case. It allows for elimination from the body and from all over the alimentary canal, including intestine, toxins that have accumulated over the years. The doctor calls it “washing of the whole digestive tract from the mouth to the anus”


It’s very simple. They will be chosen the right foods, according to the integration of the philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine and the latest scientific knowledge Westerners. They are given events both past is present. In practice, there will be a table with foods to avoid, one daily dietary pattern and specific tables for each class of food. These tables will be given food to regain its balance, and those can take occasionally and be the ones to avoid. The “DIET DI MAIO MD”


Depending on the disease to be treated and the individual, the program incorporates the requirements of any food supplements or natural products and effective (specific natural food supplements, natural ointments, sprays natural, natural lotions, detergents specific natural, etc.) Useful, the person with its history and its current issues. Possible indications for a physical activity specifically designed “ad personam”. Tables Control Daily, to be carried out once a day, in a minute. These tables we can provide important data for the performance of the Personal Protocol®.

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