Psoriasis – What is it, Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatment with Shivax®


What is psoriasis?
What factors cause the development of psoriasis?
How can I stop the burning and itching sensation due to psoriasis?
How to prevent and treat psoriasis?

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Now you can use the natural, effective, long-lasting method (without cortisone) to heal from psoriasis 

Psoriasis is a disease that affects many people in the world, both children and adults. Psoriasis in all its forms can be cured in natural, effective and lasting way in short time thanks to the Shivax® Products at DI MAIO CLINIC®

Dr Enzo DI MAIO MD had devastating psoriasis all over his body and had treated himself by applying his natural method.

His Method for the treatment of psoriasis is based on over 36 years of international scientific research.

How to cure psoriasis?
The definitive cure is based both on the 100% natural and effective Shivax® Products, created by Dr Enzo DI MAIO MD, and on restoring balance to the person with the Personal Protocol®

The Method for treatment of psoriasis is based on both Shivax® products 100% natural and effective, created by himself, and giving back the balance to the person with the Personal Protocol®

This Method for psoriasis has 2 levels of treatment, already used by several thousands of people around the world, see the customer feedback collection and Before & After Photos of our results on our social media and online shop


Do you know which Shivax® Products you need in your specific case?

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Shivax Shampoo Donna

Shivax® Shampoo Donna

Shivax® Shampoo Donna (Woman), available for Uomo (Man) too, was created by Dr Enzo DI MAIO MD in the Shivax® laboratories and helps in the treatment of dandruff, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne on the scalp. Shivax® Soaps contain the active principles of the Shivax® Ointments. Shivax® Soaps and ointments are registered on the CPNP (European Cosmetics Notification Portal)

Whole Body Treatment Kit Shivax

Whole Body Treatment Kit Shivax®

This Kit is for the treatment of the full body lesions except the intimate area and nails in all psoriasis cases.

With this Special Kit by Shivax® you obtain all 3 types of Shivax® Products (namely Shivax® Ointments + Shivax® Dermocil + Shivax® Soap) and this accelerates the healing

Cover in English of the Personal Protocol Booklet by DI MAIO CLINIC

Personal Protocol® – Detoxification

The “Diet of Dr Enzo DI MAIO MD” is included in the Personal Protocol® and is tailored for each person. After the purchase, you will receive the Preliminary Test® and the Constitution Test® to complete via email.

You will receive Free Assistance throughout the treatment from our Team via email and social media

  1. In mild cases psoriasis is only treated with Shivax® Products which vary depending on the areas of the body affected by psoriasis. Most cases fall into this category. Shivax® Plus (for the Night), Shivax® FT (for the Day) and Shivax® G  (for the genital area, night and day). Furthermore Shivax® Dermocil, The 100% Natural Food Supplement, 3 cps per day. It is recommended to implement the use of Shivax® Soaps too (the shampoos,the  bath and shower soaps for the whole body and the soaps to wash delicately the genital area)
  2. In more severe or extensive cases if you want to treat psoriasis in depth: Shivax® Products together with the Personal Protocol®. Firstly, you begin to fill out the Preliminary Test® and Costitution Test® by email and following processing, with the personal data received, the dossier of the Personal Protocol®, with the “Dr DI MAIO’S Diet®”, together with the indication of the Shivax® Products to use

The results on your psoriasis will be rapid and you will immediately see that your psoriasis disappears. This happens in all the locations of your psoriasis and for all types of psoriasis.

With this Method, long-lasting results of all types of psoriasis are achieved.

Choose which of the 2 solutions you want and start now. All patients are followed for complete recovery