Lichen – What is it, Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatment with Shivax®


Lichen sclerosus is a disease that affects many people around the world. We at DI MAIO CLINIC® are the specialists you are looking for in the treatment of lichen.

The Treatment for lichen was created by Dr Enzo DI MAIO MD. From international studies and his own medical and scientific research, he also formulated 100% Natural Shivax® Products in 1995.

Lichen is classically defined as a hereditary disease. In fact, it is possible to find several people affected by it in a family.

Much more frequently, this hereditary character can also be found in many other diseases such as: adult-onset diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, vitiligo and psoriasis.

The reason lies in the polygenic nature of these diseases. In other words, the tendency to get sick is written not on a single gene, but on multiple genes.

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Personal Protocol® – Detoxification

The “Diet of Dr Enzo DI MAIO MD” is included in the Personal Protocol® and is tailored for each person. After the purchase, you will receive the Preliminary Test® and the Constitution Test® to complete via email. You will receive Free Assistance throughout the treatment from our Team via email and social media. The Personal Protocol® is to be done for 2 months

The latter raise the possibility of having one specific disease instead of another. So, for instance, we can say that lichen is a disease, from a genetic point of view, with familial characteristics.

We can certainly declare that the tendency to get sick with lichen exists from birth, because it is written in the DNA (genetic code). Lichen or skin lesions appear only when the subject is under pressure or in a general state of stress. This means that there are too many toxins in the body.

When a person is no longer in balance, their immune system changes and Candida Albicans (a monilia found in the intestine) increases in number, leading to poor nutrition and consequently leading to more stress.

In this way the person has a significant increase in toxins until the formation of lichen.

A small example…

In a car we have an instrument panel, full of lights. They may flash to indicate that something is wrong. In the “human machine”, these lights are represented by different symptoms. Lichen lesions are warning lights that come on to warn us that there are too many toxins in our body.

Where do these toxins come from?

  • from a wrong diet
  • from the beverages we ingest
  • from the air entering our lungs
  • from the thoughts inside our mind
  • from various types of stress we may experience

As far as lichen is concerned, thoughts are doubly important. In fact, when skin lesions emerge, they can be reduced, extended or modified, and new lesions could emerge, establishing a negative attitude.

Those who suffer from lichen understand it.

The first thing to do is remove the skin lesions (and itching) to find joy and positive thoughts again.

The “Method of Dr Enzo DI MAIO MD” is based both on the 100% natural and effective Shivax® products, his creations, and on restoring the person’s balance with the Personal Protocol®.

The “Method of Dr Enzo DI MAIO MD” involves two different levels of treatment. They have already been used by tens of thousands of people around the world.

  1. light and medium cases are treated only with Shivax® Products which change depending on which body areas are affected by lichen. The majority of cases fall into this category
  2. the most difficult or extensive cases are treated by completing the Preliminary Test® and Constitution Test®. The subsequent processing of the provided personal data provided and the data from both Tests, allows us to build the documentation for the Personal Protocol®. The booklet of the Personal Protocol® works together with Shivax® Products

This Method guarantees rapid and long-lasting results on every form of lichen.

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