There are a lot of causes that might produce inflammations of the vaginal area. Candida Albicans is only one of these causes, but certainly it is the most frequent. Of minor importance are the Tricomonas and the Bacteria, that in the last 30 years are no longer considered a problem for the vaginal area. If vulvo-vaginal infection will resist to the first treatments, there could be a Monilia infection (that is to say Candida). It could be very difficult to diagnose a Candida infection, even for a good gynecologist. However, it is important to keep in mind the general symptoms that accompany, in different ways, the vaginal infection.

Candida Albicans usually lives in the vaginal atmosphere, because there, the Ph is acid (5.0 – 4.0). As a matter of fact, the “true house” of Candida is the small intestine mucous; vaginal area could be considered the “beach house”, skin localization (presence of fungus spots if exposed at sun) could represent the “mountain house”, “Thrush” in mouth, could be the “lake house”.

Candida Albicans is usually considered a saprophyte, especially when the subject leads an healthy life. Once the immunitary system gets depressed, due to the increased number of toxines, Candida will show herself, causing remarkable problems.

In the female genital area an excessive Candida proliferation could cause white leaks, (similar to “cottage cheese”), burnings after urinating, and rednesses in the same area.

In male genital area Candida causes penis inflammations, many little, velvety, shining, erythematous spots (red) placed in the penis and characterized by burnings and itches.

Anyway there is always an immunity defense decrease.

In a particular way, all this becomes manifest after an antibiotic therapy, (especially with cortisones), during the diabetes, while using oral contra-conceptive, while using every kind of drugs affecting the central nervous system (tranquillizers, sleeping pills), or anti-ulcerous drugs (cimetidina, anti-acids), and even in pregnancy.

Candida proliferation is caused by an incorrect diet. Fundamentally this fungus feeds itself with simple carbohydrates. The greed for Pane (Bread), Potatoes, Pizza, Pasta (called by Dr. ENZO DI MAIO MD “the four P”), Sweets or Sugar is one of the characteristic symptoms of the Candida infection.

This particular greed for simple sugars is mediated and motivated by the 79 toxins that Monilia (Candida) introduces in the haematic circle, and which act on the central nervous system modifying the subject thoughts. It is comprehensible why Candida infection is responsible for chronic fatigue syndrome, for hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, bulimia, and for anorexia.

Among those pathologies caused by stress or anxiety (in the human digestive system), there are gastritis, syndrome of the irritable colon, constipation, diarrhea, that are really caused by candida in the small intestine.

From 20 years the international scientific literature quotes examples of dermatological pathologies, in particular seborrhoic dermatitis and psoriasis, that are connected with candida. (see bibliography).

In the last twenty years the number of subjects affected by allergies has enormously increased. Even the number of people suffering from alimentary intolerances has increased. All this is related with the changes that Candida produces on the answers to the immunitary system (primary and/or secondary) and to the changes of the permeability of the small intestine mucous, that Candida provokes in its internal localization. The remarkable development of Candida Albicans Syndrome (Chronic Candidiasis Syndrome or Candida Related Complex) is connected with the consumption of technological food and with the massive abuse of products derivating from wheat.

There are many ways to diagnose this disease, such as the research into specific antibodies for candida in blood, the direct research into candida in faeces, urines or the vaginal or penis secretion; however it would be very useful, the use of proper Preliminary Test.

What follows is an informative exposition about existent therapeutic methods. It can’t be used as an auto-medicine. Anyway it won’t be sufficient to eliminate only the “FOUR P of Dr. DI MAIO MD“, without following a personalized diet. In this way, after some days Candida will send neurotransmitters to the brain asking for the “FOUR P of Dr. DI MAIO MD”. The results will be really negative.

Everyone could follow a detailed “Personal Protocol” to recover the lost balance (see the page

It will be possible to solve the problem through alimentary and not alimentary devices


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