Psoriasis Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis are two similar pathologies. A basic difference between these ones is that in psoriasis arthritis there are cutaneous symptom too. Anyway, these two pathologies are founded on a hereditary bent.

It means it’s written on DNA (genetic code). So, the arthritis will show when toxins level is very high in the body.

In fact these Arthritis have a Poligenical nature, as well as a lot of other pathologies, that is the susceptibility to fall ill is written on more genies and not on a single gene. So probably we can find people who have diabetes of the adult, psoriasis cutaneous, seborrheic dermatitis, hypertension etc. in the same family.

The pathology will show only when a person is in a general stress condition. That is the toxins in the body are really too much.

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A little example…

In a car we have a switchboard, where there are a lot of bright lights that can be switched on to indicate that something doesn’t work. In the “human machine” these lights are represented by most various symptoms.

The lesions of psoriasis arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are like warning lights that come out to highlight that there are too many toxins in our body.

But where do they come from ?

  • From an incorrect and unhealthy diet
  • From the liquids  we drink
  • From the air that penetrates our lungs
  • From the thoughts that crowd our mind
  • From the stresses of everyday life

In regard to psoriasis arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis thoughts are doubly important. In fact, once the skin irritation and / or articular were highlighted and progress, are reduced, modified and new ones are born, it establishes a global attitude extremely negative. Sufferers should know.

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Thanks to many international searcher studies (see bibliography) and my experience too, it’s obvious that Psoriatic and Rheumatoid Arthritis are in relation with Candida Albicans chronic infection, as well as other disease with psychosomatic components.

Candida Albicans is a fungus we can find in our organism since the birth. In fact when the baby borns he crosses the birth channel, and he gets infected, because this fungus lives in a large quantity in vaginal secretion of pregnant women. From this moment Candida will colonize the little intestine mucous , its real home , but if the colonies are not so much , it will be only a saprophyte , that’s is it will be not dangerous. If the immunitary system will get depressed, the number of the colonies will increase.

An example: imagine to observe a healthy wood, after an heavy rain we will see to be born several fungi, scattered in the underbrush. Then fungin will be present in not excessive quantity. In the case in which we were to observe a tree with umpteen fungi, this will mean that the tree no longer enjoys good health. The same happens in the human organism, with the difference that fungi, that is candida is much smaller.

Now, an external Candida infection show it’s possible, through Candida “second houses“, such as vaginal infections, burnings at penis level, fungus skin spots, “thrush”, foot of athlete and so on. Instead , the 79 toxins produced by Candida are the most silent ones, they are directed towards the central nervous system and to the primary and secondary immunitary system (the intestinal one).

Candida infection lives in all the people who suffer of psychosomatic pathologies. Remember that those toxins can modify your thoughts. Have you ever wish very much Pane (Bread), Pasta, Pizza, Potatoes (called by Dr ENZO DI MAIO MD “Four P”), Sweet or Sugar? If yes, that’s not your body asking for them but Candida is.

It feeds itself of simple carbohydrates (sugar) and when it needs them it sends some toxins to your brain to make you eat. After about fifteen minutes its lunch will be over and what it sends some more toxins to your brain to make you stop eating You will feel your stomach bloated so you will think “but what did I eat? I’ve just had a small piece of bread or a small piece of cake…”

The list of pathologies where you can find Candida could be very long. Just to remember someone of them:

The smaller ones: gastritis, colitis (either with constipation or diarrhea), several digestives disorders, Depression (see Syndrome from Chronic Hard work),Anxiety, excessively FAT, Anorexia, Insominia, difficult menstruation and before menstrual syndrome, Vaginity or recurrent Cistitis, Balanopostitis (Penis inflammation), Herpes in its various manifestations, Condylom and little Condylom from HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), Headache, alimentary Intolerances, Seborrheic Dermatitis etc.…

Most considerable: Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Vitiligo, Lupus, Crohn’s disease, Diabetes of adult, Chronic Depresssion, Gastro – Duodenal Ulcer, Allergic Asthma and not, Arterial Hypertension etc…

Do you think they’re very much? the American statistics say Candida chronic infection shoots 70% and 80% of the world-wide population, (see bibliography). In the last 15 – 20 years there was a remarkable increasing of many pathologies named psychosomatics and a lot of more general manifestations due to Candida. This is due to many factors, as: the antibiotics indiscriminate use, central nervous system drugs (anti-depressives, tranquillizers, sleeping pills), cortisones, contraceptive pills, anti-ulcer drugs (cimetidina, etc), massive use of dental amalgam (the dark clogging, contain mercury), the exaggerated use of conserving and colouring, but also of grain products.

It’s possible doing many clinical checking as specific antibody search for Candida in blood, in feces, in urine, in vaginal or penis secretion but it can be very useful the use of some studied questionnaires for statistics or for the correlated symptoms.

However in any case shouldn’t be eliminated only “the Four P of Dr DI MAIO MD” ©Copyright 1995. Because just eliminating them, without a correct feeding designed exclusively for that individual according to the Ayurvedic Medicine philosophy and the most current knowledge of Western Medicine, candida after a few days will send neurotransmitters to the brain so that it’s not possible to resist and so the individual will end up to overeat of one or all ” Four P of Dr DI MAIO MD” ©Copyright 1995.

The result will be extremely negative. To can bring back the lost balance it will be able make a specific “Personal Protocol®”

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